Frequently Asked Questions

How will you perform the review?

There are multiple platforms available. In this example, I will be using Github, but I am also famililar with other platforms such as Gitlab, Bitbucket, or ReviewBoard. Moreover, I am also open to custom solutions.

For simplicity, suppose I receive the following piece of software code to review:

Screenshot of a github pull request

❌ Right away, I notice that this code can fail. If a customer has a bookmark to your post and you had to restructure your data and change the id number of the post, what would happen if a customer would visit that bookmark? Most likely, your customer would see a similar error:

Screenshot of a 404 error page

This wouldn't be a very pleasant experience for the user 😡. However, if you had used my third party, manual, unopinionated, and professional code review service then we could have caught before it became a problem 😀:

Screen shot of a hypothetical code review solution

This example is available on Github.

How do I submit my software for a code review?

As long as there is a functional button on this page, then you can proceed as instructed below. However, if it is not present then unfortunately you will need to get yourself waitlisted. I will always keep this functionality updated.

Once you have submitted to me the software code to review, I will review it and return to you as soon as humanly possible. Maximum 48 hours.

Let me review your code in 3 easy steps:

Why use iwillreviewyourcode.com?

To save you time by having your software code reviewed. Not only will you be able to ship on schedule but you will have an additional pair of external and unopionated eyes to review your software code. I will help you create peace of mind that your paying users are getting what they are paying for.

Since there is a monetary exchange between you and I, there is a level of commitment that I bring towards my work. I am professional and respecful.

Just like it is stated on Elderoost, I pledge to always give a damn.

money back guarantee

But Alex, why should I send you my hard earned dollars? Because I will guarantee my work or you can have your money back (less the processing fees... I don't control those fees otherwise I would return the full amount) You are free to confirm this here.

Finally, because you'd like to help out a fellow indie developer.

Why are you doing this?

For the following reasons:

What is the catch?

There are three 😱:

1) 6 orders per 24 hours. Just like you, I don't have a lot of time. Just 86400 seconds per day. I am doing this on my free time. Just like a lot of you, I have a day job. However, I like working. Currently, I am working on Elderoost, Youtube, and Sugarplum Originals.

So what does this mean to you? It means that there is a queue. Thus, the space is limited to 6 review items per 24 hours. If the queue fills up, you will be rolled onto the next day and so on. If the queue gets out of hand, I will contact those affected and adjust as needed. (I will adjust this number based on my availability.) Don't be frightened, I am just being honest.

2) Immediately, I can provide code review service in the following web areas:

also in these: Not on the list? If you need something else reviewed, so send me an email and we can talk about it. (You can also reach me @getaclue on Telegram.) We can give it a shot. Afterall, I am in the business of software and not language constraints ;)

3) You give this software code review service an honest review 😎

How do I trust you? You're going to steal my code!

That is a valid concern. However, in addition to providing a full money back guarantee, putting my reputation on the line, genuinely caring for my work, trying to maintain a business, and trying to be an indie developer, you can easily find me. I live and work on the internet.

That is all nice and everything, but I still don't trust you! No worries, mate. Send me an NDA and we can keep that ball rolling. (PS. I like reading those, so please be mindful of the NDA and don't request the sun. I'm not just going to sign anything.)

What is your username?


First and foremost, thank you for reading this far. I really appreciate your time and your interest. I offer two types of simple recurring advertising packages if you're interested:

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